Eco Clean(Activated Carbon)2.8kg

Box Regulation:6 bags/box
Supporting Regulation:72 boxes/pallet

  • Pure natural food grade raw materials, passed SGS EU certification testing standards, 0 addition, low allergy, more arrangement, suitable for baby and pregnant family use.
  • 3.0 large particles so low track, strong clumps so when long hair cats use few particles will be taken out or stuck to paws. Easy to clean even with open litter trays.
  • The content of bean fiber is higher, multiple fiber absorption, instant water absorption agglomeration is fast and small, the amount is more economical.
  • The cat litter does not contain any industrial rubber ingredients, quickly dissolves in water. It’s safer and convenient to flush the Tofu cat litter clumps in toilets.
  • Active carbon is added to enhance odor and moisture adsorption, odor control effect is double up to keep home environment more fresh.